Divorce Attorney Provo Utah Is Now Available To Assist You

Utah is one of the states on the western part of the United States. It is a place where divorce is not an easy thing if you are hiring a legal divorce attorney. It is also called a No-Fault divorce state which means divorce will be granted without proving guilt is on whose side. Utah is one of the places where adultery is taken very seriously under its law.

The divorce process in Utah

  • One spouse needs to file a divorce case in district court or using the Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP) to file and prepare a petition. The filling party must be a Utah resident and it doesn’t matter who files the divorce case first which does not have any advantages.
  • To file a divorce case in Utah it costs about $318 for with minor child and $275 for a non-minor child.
  • The child custody depends upon the interest of the child
  • In Utah, it takes at least three months to expect the divorce and it is ruled that a couple must wait 90 days after filing their petition.
  • If a spouse caught cheated he or she may lose their alimony, even with no-fault divorce.
  • Utah is a 50 50 divorce state where the marital assets are equally and fairly divided and usually, it’s about 50% for longer marriages.
  • The alimony should be paid until the spouse gets remarriage or dies.

A divorce attorney in Utah

In Utah, there is a lot of legal procedure to get a divorce and also costs more so the spouse needs a professional legal divorce attorney. Coil Law in domestic litigation professionals who have a highly qualified divorce attorneys Provo Utah. They can give you complete advice about the full process of divorce and try to find all possible resolutions. And also many other organizations have divorce attorneys for the individual.

Donna Enn