Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been a detrimental factor in many families. It takes place very frequently than you may realize, because it is hard to recognize. The typical visualization of domestic violence is often a husband beating his wife. But there is something more to what meets the eye. Firstly, domestic violence doesn’t have to be related to spouses, they can have with anyone you have an intimate relationship with. This could even include a child or a family member you live with or your ex partners.

Violence is not just physical abuse anymore. It can be in a form of physical violence or force, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse, forced sexual content etc. Threatening, stalking, evoking fear or controlling behaviors can also be deemed domestic violence. Apart from a child or your spouse, this can even be directed on a pet too.

No matter if the abuser was aware enough to realize that their violence was intentional or not, these actions eventually harm the domestic violence victims. Fortunately, you can protect yourself if you are a victim to the same. You can file for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order by getting in touch with Andrew Heft family law attorney. This very restraining order is usually a no contact order where the victim is protected from getting in touch with the abuser. It also gives the victim the permit to own firearms, temporary financial support and even command the abuser to move out of the home.

This very restraining order can also bring up custody arrangements and child support payment. If the violence doesn’t fade away after the restraining order has been filed, then you can press charges against the abuser and have a criminal protective order issued by a judge. If you believe you are a victim, then you can also consult a family law attorney, no matter if you have filed a restraining order or not. If you believe that your children are in danger from your abuser, then you need to call your police right away. They can help you get an emergency ex-parte restraining order immediately that provides instant protection. In any situation, never wait to take action when you are in danger because know that you can always take some actions to protect yourself on legal terms. If you want to know what Andrew Heft law firm deals with, get in touch with them today.

Donna Enn