Here’s What You Need to Know About Immigration Frauds

Unluckily, immigration fraud has been on the rise these days. But the more you enlighten yourself about it, the safer you will be in terms of protecting your financial resources. There are many immigration companies and law firms like Get in Canada that are dedicated to provide genuine immigration information to the potential newbies to Canada so that they are in the best place to steer clear of fraud. Here are the things to consider when working with an immigration prep to save yourself from fraud.

  1. Check the source of immigration information

If you have got a susceptible mail or call from someone claiming to be an immigration rep, they can be fake. Unless you have applied and filled the assessment on your own or have directly contacted a rep, you should be wary of the same. The odds of someone contacting you first are quite less. When seeking information online, you should know how to spot a suspicious site. If the website displays a different URL in the address bar, know that it can be a fake website. Any website asking for your personal info will bear a lock icon in the address bar and must begin with https://. The s indicates that the website is secure and the information you put in is encrypted.

  1. Who is the immigration rep?

There are two types of immigration reps that are legally authorized for representing the paid clients via the immigration process: immigration lawyers and immigration consultants. They may have similar roles, but they have their own differences. In order to verify their genuine nature, you also need to be aware of the different services they provide.

  1. Immigration lawyers: they have attended law school and accomplished a three year degree, they also accomplish the bar exam and must always be registered with a provincial bar association. They also have many years of post secondary education and can represent you if your application is under judicial review.
  2. Immigration consultants: they are not lawyers but they usually accomplish a one year certification for just being registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory. Every immigration consultant also bears a seven digit ICCRC number for verifying them. Consultants never represent you in the courts.

For more information on immigrating to Canada, the programs and services offered, and the necessary formalities to be accomplished, contact an immigration law firm today.

Donna Enn