Slip and Fall Injuries: The Most Common Ones

Slip and Fall accidents are the most common ones and can happen anytime. Slip and Fall accidents can happen anywhere, which is why you should be careful. You could be walking on the sidewalk now, and moments later you could be on the ground, shouting of pain. Slip and Fall pain and injuries are often considered to be common. However, there are not. Several severe injuries are often a result of slip and fall cases.

Some of the common injuries due to slip and fall include the following

Shoulder injury

Shoulder injury usually happens due to damage in the nerves. This can lead to excessive pain and is one of the most common injuries due to slipping. If the person directly falls on the shoulder, they will eventually become prone to the injury. A minor shoulder injury will require physical therapy. However, a serious one can cost you a lot in surgery. Most people prefer rehabilitation to treat a shoulder injury.

Head injury

A head injury can be pretty serious due to slip and fall cases. Even the minor head injury should be taken care of properly. All kinds of head injury call for immediate medical attention. A direct hit on the head can be a cause for serious brain injury. Such brain injuries must be immediately diagnosed for they can have a lifelong impact. Even if it is normal, symptoms can follow as well.

Back and spinal cord injury

Back and spinal cord injury can have a severe impact on mobility. This can eventually lead to serious problems such as herniated disc, which is extremely painful. Some of the spinal injuries can be permanent as well. The spinal and back injury can prove to be deadly in the case of older adults. Moreover, this injury can be expensive, as well.

All these slip and fall cases can call for immediate attention for legal cases. If any of these has happened due to negligence, you should prefer reaching to expert Atlanta slip and fall attorney. 

Danny White