What factors affect the cost of a child custody lawyer?


Child custody refers to the orders given by the court to the divorced parents for making decisions about the welfare of the child. If the parents are getting divorced, the biological parents have the right to file for custody of the child. Based on all the evidence provided, the court decides which parent would be the best fit for the child custody. 

If you have been divorced, you will need to take into consideration different factors. There are high chances that you will need a child custody lawyer to help you with the matter. Nonetheless, it is necessary to choose a lawyer who is an expert in the field of child custody. 

What factors impact the cost of a child custody lawyer? 

The main fee of child custody is often a part of the attorney’s fee. Nonetheless, several other factors can contribute towards determining the fee of child custody include the following


Type of custody dispute

Comparatively, the uncontested child custody dispute will cost you lesser than usual. It also depends on how affordable the case is. If any party is determined to winning the custody, then the case will eventually move to court and will need extra time. 

  • Special and expert witnesses

Many cases often require specialist or experts and often child psychologist is required as well. Although the case can be easily solved, in some cases, the party may need to carry out a child custody evaluation as well. These experts may require ad that of professional observations and interviews. 

  • Attorney Fee

Every attorney has their own charge. The Winder, GA Attorney is an extremely affordable one thereby ensuring better results for your attorney fee. Several factors need to be discussed but the matters can often be complicated. As a result, you need to be careful with it.